ABR is the first capsule collection by the eponymous label KASHESH.

For us, ABR - the Arabic word for cloud- is the intricate weave of the virtues and learnings upheld by those who reach for the skies, and everything beyond.

Just how Dubai was built- thread by thread, with pearls of acceptance, love, and legacy, ABR is a collection about weaving one sky. It stands for a perfect mist of relief for dreamers - through stories, through poetry, through you and through me.

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ABR is for those who are curious, who are constantly expanding with the universe itself. It’s for those who collect stories and wisdom from faraway lands and hold them close to their hearts, like jewels to be treasured. Each garment in the collection tells its own story, becomes an invocation of the bard- the wearer, making them a Vasl, a meeting point, for tales old and new.

The collection is crafted with hues from the mysterious Bedouin tribe- the travelers known for their hospitality and resourcefulness.

The soft tone of whites and off whites with pop color of red recreate a lyrical echo through the words of His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who is a part of the family that made Dubai what it is today- The Maktoum dynasty.

Discover the Collection

ABR is a sustainably produced collection made with a hope to join hands and coexist as one, looking up at the same blue sky and dreaming of the glorious future that is etched into our kismets with golden ink.