Design Lounge

We are extending to you a 20-minute style session with the chief designer, where you can get her personal and exclusive assistance on this creative journey.

Our Creative Director  and Founder, Kashesh Bhatia Garg, has been creating and designing for more than 15 years. For her, making clothes isn’t just a profession, but rather a passion that ties in with everything she believes in as a person, too.

As a brand that believes in constant evolution, we bring you a personalized experience into the world of Kashesh. As you go through our designs, you will notice nuances and details that have been put into the garments, from the threads of the fabric to the desert's golden hues that sparkle under the sun-everything tells its own story.

We believe in the power of storytelling, dreams, and learning from the sustainable and powerful cultures of our past.

Embark on a transformative session with Kashesh, meticulously curated for those seeking to infuse their world with the rich tapestry of Dubai's culture, heritage, and modernity.

We believe in fostering relationships that transcend transactions. This service is tailored for a select clientele, designed with personalized attention and an intimate partnership that brings your vision to fruition.

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