Konscious Kollective By Kashesh

Konscious Kollective by Kashesh, as a fashion brand, believes in serving a bigger purpose, to and for humanity at large, with its work.

The Konscious Kollective is yet another step towards creating awareness, sustainability, and a sense of pride in being a part of something beyond the everyday concerns of today.

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 What is Konscious Kollective?

It is a community of passionate artists, creators, thinkers, and craftsmen coming together to collaborate in creating a glorious future for fashion. With Konscious Kollective, we attempt to fill that gap which conscious creators often feel as they navigate the glittering and glamorous world of fashion, and create a space for them to feel seen, heard, find the right perspectives and tools from experts and each other to take their own vision forward. The key to change always lies with a community where open-minded ideas are shared and where discourse leads to action towards a collective goal. This collective is exactly that space, where the many branches of individual dreams come together to form the strong roots of a sustainable future for the fashion industry.

What would the Kollective entail? 

From organizing panel discussions, talk shows, workshops, and spaces of connection for like-minded individuals of fashion, to creating channels for artisans, designers, and distributors to find each other in creative harmony, the Collective’s long-term vision is to be a channeling source of creative energy for the people of fashion. 

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What are the values of the Kollective? 

The kollective stands on four strong pillars – Learning, Growth, Collaboration, and Sale. With heed given not only to innovative ideas and mindful creativity, the Collective aims to bring in the practical aspects of execution to the members’ vision. With a step-by-step movement towards creating a positive impact on the planet, as well as on the next generation of fashion, Konscious Kollective will be the starting point for new creators to meet with seasoned experts, facilitating a space for learning and growth. In hopes of dreaming up a glorious future not only on an individual level, but also for humanity in general, we invite you into this world where creative energy swirls together to make magic!