Meet the Founder of KASHESH

Kashesh Bhatia Garg is a Global Fashion Designer, Stylist, Life Coach and Mentor.

While she started her first label in 2009, her move to the UAE in 2020 was the beginning of a new dawn for her label, and marks a paradigm shift in Kashesh’s own perspective as a designer.

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Born, raised and educated in Ahmedabad – fashion has been a driving force in Kashesh’s life since a very young age.

With up to 14 years of experience of creating her own brands, stand-alone stores and pop ups across India, she is known for her innovative skills of brining vivid tastes, fabrics and silhouettes when creating her collections.

Since her move to the UAE, Kashesh’s experience of the beautiful streets, the stunning architecture, and the heroic journey of the prosperity of the region has led to a shift in her perspective, inspiring new and fresh ideas that manifested into a transformative rebrand of her label.

Kashesh is known for her personalized approach towards her work and habitué.

Her label in Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India), then named Kasheesh.K, drew patrons from South and East Asia, U.K., U.S.A., Australia and U.A.E. Her personal engagement in terms of understanding the client’s need for their wedding couture, trousseau, corporate/special events has stood the testimony of time, thus serving over a thousand fashion patrons and lovers over a period of seven years since the inception of Kasheesh.K in 2016.

She also did a luxury management course from London in 2019 that added to her overall understanding of her clientele.

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Apart from having a keen eye for styling and fashion, Kashesh has been an ardent believer of contributing towards young fashion enthusiasts/ graduates and has had over a hundred interns from all across India under her epithet.

She has also been a jury for prestigious fashion institutes of India, thus contributing in creating a conscious and a sustained eco system within the industry for the future. Kashesh has been the recipient of the prestigious Goldman Sachs IIM Banglore (2019 – 2020) thus becoming the only chosen women entrepreneur from Gujarat (INDIA). Kashesh has also been featured in magazines like Grazia, Hello, Times Of India, Forbes, and Femina, to name a few.

Now, Kashesh is on her way to re-brand and re-launch her label by moving towards a completely sustainable mode of creating and working with the dawn of her, now eponymous, Dubai based label- Kashesh.

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We sat down with our founder with 14 questions so you could get to know her

Q&A with Kashesh Bhatia Garg

Tell us more about yourself

I am a mother of a young daughter and I love my family. I believe in energy work and love to contribute to society and the planet at large.

Tell us more about yourself as designer? 

It was my dream as a child to become a fashion designer, but this was not as common a profession as today. As my family has a long history of working in business and I was skilled at maths, I chose to begin studying to be a Chartered Accountant. In the end, I left the accountant program after 6 months to follow my passion of blending design and commerce.

What was your best 'fashion' moment?

It is so difficult for me to say just one best moment, but when I started my first store at age 21 and spent two years renting the property, but was then able to purchase it for myself with my dad, it was such an overwhelming experience.

What is one thing you thought you would never do?

I had never thought of moving away from India, ever. It took 3 years after getting married in Dubai to move to here and now here I am creating more than ever. 

What is one ritual/practice you do every day?

Every day I love to ask questions that keep expanding my life, my living, my creations.

What keeps you motivated? 

Creating a legacy. Whether I am here on this planet or not, I would like to give and create something that is remembered for generations. This keep me going and keeps me motivated. 

What bores you the most? 

Doing the same things again and again. I am very curious and love to explore different things and possibilities. This curiosity has led me to change how I work. In the past, I created different brands and evolved with 3 different brand names. Now I choose to do things differently with the same label and add different verticals. 

What would you most like to change?

I would like to give a different perspective to how we look at fashion. Fashion is such a dynamic and influential industry. I want to explore how we can use that to bring a more positive impact to the planet, not just by protecting it but by creating a better Earth.

What do you love about India?

I love the culture, tradition and diversity of India. There is so much colour, inspiration and variety one can get from India. Being born and brought up there, Indian culture has such a strong influence on me and my work. There is so much history there and throughout my journey in fashion I have incorporated the aesthetics from my native Indian embroidery and crafts. 

Who are you? What would you like to create? 

I am modern, different and love to make a statement. I would like to unite a global community that empowers each other while making an individual statement and co-existing together. 

What is your personal style? 

I like change and I keep changing every day. 

Some days I like a bright pop of colour and some days, I like all black. I love statement pieces and I love jewellery. I love to bring a twist to what I wear and how I wear it.

What is your motto?

Leave your mark!

What do you love about Dubai? 

It took 2 years to call this place home. But now I fall in love with Dubai every day. Moving to an unknown city after I was already comfortable in the country and city that I was born, raised in and where I established my business was a bold choice. 

When I moved, I didn’t have many friends, but because of my other business in healing work, I got to meet so many people and now I know so many. I love the diversity of the city, I love that it is always growing changing and never the same-so much like me. I love the architecture and the attention to detail in this part of world.

I love how the vision and belief of one person can change the world for the better. I love to call this place home now. It doesn’t feel like it’s just been 3 years now. 

If you were not a designer what would you be?

A Traveller! 

With KASHESH, that is how I am bringing both the elements of fashion and travel together. This collection is about my move to Dubai and how a city can inspire you to create beyond your comfort zone.