KASHESH seeks to make a statement.

This is wearable art transcended... three dimensional legacy pieces that are not simply confined to a wall.

We believe in creating stories in process and empowering the journey. Kashesh is for conscious consumers who believe in unique self-expression and experience life through all six senses.

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Through weaving impactful words into every garment, we are creating limited edition capsule collections with evolving themes. Fashion that explores narrative and experience at its core. Kashesh is passionate about custom and tradition but at its heart is a disruptor to the status quo. Our vision is to push past the every-day use of clothing to create a talking point through purpose and story. We’re designing for the global citizen who lives life beyond borders.

The Kashesh mission is for you to be excited by what you wear, how you wear it and when you wear it.

Wearable art that is designed to inspire and empower the wearer as well as those around them. We explore fashion through a new lens, and design clothing as a unique expression of your values, creativity and story.

Kashesh - Creatively Curious.

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Our Mission

Weaving culture, heritage and a narrative into wearable art, Kashesh creates for those seeking to tell a story through what they wear. We envision through new perspectives and invite a co-creation of new fashion aspects with you, the wearer. Kashesh is committed to mindful and ethical creation, designing and exquisitely handcrafting timeless legacy pieces that empower, inspire and impact the planet in a positive way. Kashesh is conscious and expressive and unique in how it transcends the everyday.