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The Insha Coat

The Insha Coat

His Highness' words: "History does not have a set direction to follow, the world is not constant. Change is the secret to the continuous renewal of the world's civilization."

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What's Your Story: World

There was a time when there was nothing- a void that cannot be called a place. There was no time, no space, no here or there. And it is from that time before events that life was created. She is tied to that moment- the moment when nothing became something, and then everything. There is more to be brought to this world, she says. This immense density that surrounds us- it is not the end. As she sees the delicate strands that connect the whole world through its web, she can feel them tug beyond her eyesight. She can see them disappear into depths where more hides, and she follows- her stride easy, with quiet steps and a euphoric heart; her veins thrumming at each turn, on every corner.

A one-of-a-kind coat design with a cape, made with gold cords and white silk, handwoven into a textile with glittering details, stitched onto soft red cotton emulating a second skin, with golden embroidery made by hand along its collar and lapels, and the back.

Length: 46 inches


Cream and gold coloured woven women's mid length capelet with cap sleeves. The outer material is handwoven from an amalgamation of recycled fabrics to create something eco-friendly, sustainable and truly unique.


100% recycled fabric that is an amalgamation of cotton, pure silk, net, golden cords, raw silk, organza and khadi.

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Thank you for adding me to your life. Please take care of me with love.

Dry Clean Only.

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We're conscious of the entire ecosystem of a garment, from concept through to delivery.

We’re committed to the use of recycled fabrics and go steps beyond... our garments are produced on a handloom, where we lovingly revive and repurpose materials that are otherwise destined for landfill.