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The Shazia Cape

The Shazia Cape

His Highness' words: "To be creative is to add something new to life as opposed to being a passive part of it."

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What's Your Story: Creative

She comes from a long line of pearl divers, they say. The unafraid who goes deep, and deeper yet, within herself even when it feels like the darkness will consume her whole. She says what lies within her is what makes her unique, and it is something only she can give to this world. She laughs, full of mirth, at the idea of getting lost in there, because how can one lose herself on the quest to find herself? She’s strange, they say. They’re right. After all, only the strange can lead to something new.

One of the most creative designs in the collection, made with white silk, handwoven into a textile with glittering details, stitched onto soft red cotton emulating a second skin, with golden embroidery made by hand along its collar and edges.

Length: 36 inches front, 42 inches back


Cream coloured woven women's vest capelet with a luxurious red silk lining. The outer material is handwoven from an amalgamation of recycled fabrics to create something eco-friendly, sustainable and truly unique.


100% recycled fabric that is an amalgamation of cotton, pure silk, net, raw silk, khadi and handloom.

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Thank you for adding me to your life. Please take care of me with love.

Dry Clean Only.

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We're conscious of the entire ecosystem of a garment, from concept through to delivery.

We’re committed to the use of recycled fabrics and go steps beyond... our garments are produced on a handloom, where we lovingly revive and repurpose materials that are otherwise destined for landfill.